Our dedicated, caring staff is here to make your child’s experiance a joyful and exciting one.  They are wonderful Christians who share their love for the Lord with the children daily. 

Ms. Dulce helped open our Toddler classroom in 2014. She has a kind and loving heart that the children gravitate to. She helps our youngest students grow their social and emotional skills as well as teaching them through playful activities.

Ms. Donna loves reading to the children and sharing the stories of the Bible.  She is excited to build her knowledge of early childhood education and grow right along with the children. She helps build their literacy and math skills through fun interactive activities and play.

Ms. Jenny brings with her a lot of laughter and joy, she makes the children laugh and encourages them to play and use their imaginations.  The children enjoy the games she plays outdoors with them and her positive, kind spirit.


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